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A need for an Indian Cultural Organisation was felt by some interested persons of Indian origin in Hobart. The proposal of forming a cultural society was initially discussed amongst friends and interested persons, and eventually it was decided to call a general meeting to consider the formation of such a society. This was advertised in the daily press, and an inaugural meeting was held on Sunday, 30th July, 1972 at the Union Building, University of Tasmania Hobart. The members of this newly formed Indian Cultural Society were a small number of Indo-Australian Cultural Societies, comprising of the Indian families resident here, plus a number of Australian friends, who were enthusiastic about the Indian Culture scene Ikram Naqvi reported the results of his correspondence with various Indian cultural organizations in Australia. After some discussion it was unanimously decided to adopt the constitution of the "Indian Cultural Society of Australia" W.A., and to form an autonomous branch of this society in Tasmania. Thus emerged the Indian Cultural Society (Tasmania) to foster and stimulate Indian culture. It was hoped by our friends in Western Australia that similar branches will be formed in other states like Australia-China Society. Unfortunately that did not happen. In view of this we changed the name to the "Indian Cultural Society of Tasmania" (ICS) with a new constitution on 16th October 2005


The society is very proud of its achievements to date and is happy to state that its membership was grown steadily over the few years of its existence. The current membership of the Society includes many members of both State and Federal Parliaments. The Society is very mindful of the keen interest shown by these members in its growth and activities. Over the past few years, the society has organised many events, like public speaking and debates on India, song, dance and drama shows, films and documentaries, Adult Education courses on India, food stall in Blue Gum Village Fair, as well as big public occasions, marking some of the well known annual events in India, like Diwali, Id Milan, Gandhiji's Birthday, Tagore Festival and very successful performances like the "Veena Recital" led by the remarkably talented visitor "Chitti Babu".

Number of events were organised in the following years, functions and get togethers were organised to bring the community together and spread the diversity of Indian culture. To name a few these were Diwali, Holi, Dandiya, and Annual Dinner which were organised throughout the year and people from every community were encouraged to attend. Indian Cultural Society of Tasmania Inc also encouraged the involvement of youths of Hobart which included students from university of Tasmania from any ethnic background to partake in all the events and function all around the year. The Society had also been actively participating in Charity event to show its support towards the community and its people.

The society is run in a voluntary basis and is deeply indebted to state and local government, many institutions, organisations and personal interest of individual for their help and support.

The Indian Cultural Society of Tasmania Inc (ICS) also owns a Indian culture and community welfare centre which is open to all the active ICS members. ICS also has its own website www.icstas.ogr.au where you can find all relevant information about ICS, its people and ICS objectives.


Please see the minutes from the first AGM of ICS Tasmania here...

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