Late Mr. Saleh Parkar

Late. Mr. Saleh Parkar and his family migrated to Australia from India in 1970 and have been settled in Tasmania since 1972. He comes from a respectable family of Maharashtra state of India. Mr. Saleh Parkar and his wife, Safia, are well respected members of the Indian and Muslim communities of Tasmania and have four children, Naseema, Nidar, Nafeesa and Noor.Mr. Saleh was a solicitor by profession and worked for 25 years for the Government of Tasmania. He retired from the state services in August 1996.

Mr. Saleh was the founding member of the Indian Cultural Society of Tasmania and has held all positions of the Society's Executive Committee. He was also a founding Trustee and Chairman of the Indian Cultural and Community Welfare Centre. He also establish the Tasmanian Muslim Association and the Islamic Centre of Tasmania (Hobart Mosque).

Mr. Saleh had made a significant contribution to a number of associations linked with multi-culturalism, and in particular to the Indian community. His services to the community were recognised by the Australian Government with an award of the Medal of Order of Australia in 1993.

Mr. Saleh personal background his leadership and services to the Indian Cultural Society and the Indian community was recognised by a well deserve award of life membership of the society at the 25th Anniversary celebration in 1997.